QM FAQ: What if the answers are already given?
The main thing in a relationship - understanding
1. How a website is being built?
We pass through 8 stages of the site development:
1. Coordination of capabilities and functionality
2. Coordination of the price and deadlines
3. Coordination of the structure
4. Coordination of the design
5. Programming and set up
6. Filling with content
7. Customization
8. Launching and optimizing
2. What makes us different from our competitors?
Basically nothing, except of the professional approach that our company offers and understanding of why you need a website.
3. Why create a website?
To help people by sharing information and by making it easier to find a product they want to purchase.
And, of course, to develop your business.
4. What`s QM's approach towards making, optimization and maintenance of a website?
By giving you grow. The greater the value we provide you with, the better our results!
We do what we like, constantly developing and putting effort into every taken project.
5. Who will be the owner of the site?
Having paid and accepted the site, you become its rightful owner.
6. How much does it cost to build a website?
In the [SERVICES] section the starting website price is listednext to each option. The final cost depends on the features you want your website to have.
7. How the payment is held?
50% - after coordination of tasks and 50% - after fulfillment.
9. Will I be able to edit the website myself?
Yes, you will.
If you have any special requirements, please inform us so that we can take them into account.
10. You have an idea, but you are not sure if we`ll be interested in it?
We are always open to mutually beneficial cooperation. Do not hesitate to contact us!
13. Any other questions?
We are ready to answer! Contact us!